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Meet Julia 

Probably found around the mountain town of Asheville, in a coffee shop or the woods, Julia's happiest moments are those where she can feel her bare feet on the earth. She is a space-holder, a teacher, + an advocate for living life fully. 

Julia was raised by her single, yoga-teaching mother, in the bustling city of Miami Beach, Fl. By age 14, halfway through her 8th grade year, her mom convinced (begged) her to leave the public school system; her first curricular endeavor was a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. She hasn't looked back since. 

After sharing yoga for over a decade, she has concluded that the aspect of the practice that truly makes her heart sing is not the physical movement or the poses, but the coming together of humans who share a common desire to grow + connect. Julia believes that authentic connection between people, muddy feet, + sharing our truths have the power to heal our deepest wounds. 

One of her greatest passions is bringing yoga + meditation practices into various demographics that are in deep need of finding their center again, like prisons, jails, + recovery centers. Julia's mission is to facilitate a simple experience where humans can feel safe to explore their body/mind connection + find a sense of groundedness within. 

Julia believes in laughter as medicine, in the stillness of nature, + in the healing benefits of honest conversations over warm cups of tea (or coffee). She is a mover, a holder of spaces, + a faithful believer in showing up exactly as we are. In her spare time, Julia enjoys rock climbing with her beloved, Stephen, + hiking with her doggo, Max. 

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